70s Hairstyles

Hairstyles from the 70's are known for looking both effortless and voluminous. You may wish to sport a 70's hairstyle if you are attending a "retro" event or if you are styling your hair to complete a Halloween costume. Many of the techniques used in the 70's to style hair are now considered outdated by professional stylists and cosmetologists. By using the proper updated styling techniques as well as the right hair products, you can do 70's hairstyles yourself.

70's Hair style


In the '70s, many African American women, and quite a few of the guys, threw away the relaxers and let their hair grow out into a marvelous Afro. This style was bold and cool and proved that natural is beautiful.


Millions of hip young people in the '70s parted their hair down the middle, pulled out the Aqua-net and transformed their hair into feathered works of art. Farrah Fawcett famously sported this style.

Long and Straight

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! The long, straight look was so popular that many women ironed their hair to get it just right.

Dorothy Hamill Wedge

This short, heavily layered style was popularized by figure skater Dorothy Hamill. The hair truly resembles a wedge, nearly flat on top and sharply angled toward the neck.

Punk Style

Punk rock exploded onto the world stage in 1977 and brought with it the Mohawk, spiked up and worn with an attitude of defiance.


The shag style was popular with guys and girls; this collar-length, shaggy style was cause for conflict between many young men in the '70s and their more conservative fathers.

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