A Quick Way to Dry Thick Hair

Do you want to have an alternative to blow dryers? Do you get tired of spending what feels like forever just drying your hair? No matter the reason there are different ways to help your hair dry faster. The following tips will do just that so you can spend less time on your hair and still look fabulous.

   In the Shower

        Squeeze all excess water out of your hair before you even exit the shower. If your hair is long, twist it around itself to try to wring excess water out of it. If it is short, run your finger through it or use a comb to dry to get as much water out of it as possible prior to drying.
    Towel Dry

        Use a thick absorbent towel to dry your hair further. If you have long hair, flip your hair over and use the towel to vigorously rub your hair to remove excess water. Grab small sections and place them in between two edges of the towel and rub until they feel damp. Continue around your entire head. Use the towel to gather all of the hair together and wring it out one more time.
    Hair Dryer

        Use your hair dryer as your final step. Comb out small sections and dry each section before moving on to the next one. Those with extremely thick hair may find it faster to begin the drying process by flipping their hair upside down and drying the bottom layer first. Keep a brush or comb constantly moving through the section of hair being dried to help speed the process along.

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