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How to Keep Your Hair Extensions Looking Pretty

Hair Extensions can change our look, give us beautiful hairstyle. Natural and real human hair extensions clip in will create pretty look, and others will not know that you wear hair extensions. But how to care for hair extensions? There 4 tips for you to keep your real hair extensions looking pretty.

1.Wash and condition every three days. weave is less maintenance than your real hair in certain aspects but it still requires regular washing and conditioning. Brazilian virgin hair extensions London has not been processed. You should buy high quality shampoo and conditioner to care your Brazilian virgin hair extensions, remove product buildup and keep it looking fresh. Use good hair conditioner to keep the hair piece smooth and silky, look like your own real hair.

2.Do haircut for end regularly. Most real virgin hair has tapered ends, the same as hair growing on a person looks. When wearing your full head clip in hair extensions, snip away the last half inch to give a full look with blunt ends for straight hair and a uniform curl completely to the ends in curly/wavy hair.

3.Fold, don’t cut your wefts. Sew (or glue) your full head real hair extensions by folding over the ends rather than cutting them to avoid shedding. In addition to shedding being annoying, it also wears your hair extensions out faster. The more the hair sheds the less full the wefts will be. Nobody wants to end up with thin, scraggly hair extensions!

Lay off the heat. As you know, perm hair will cause damage to your own real hair. But purchaseclip in remy human hair extensions will give you a new look without ruining your hair. If you want to wear primarily straight hair, purchase a straight clip in hair extensions. These clip in human hair extensions look natural and real like your own hair. Also you can curl, straighten and dye the hair piece by your own ideal.
If one chooses to purchase human hair, he should be aware of the different grades offered. Human hair extensions look natural and feel soft, are made of 100% human hair. It is strong and durable but most likely has been dyed or processed. It can last up to one year, but you should take best care of the hair piece.
If you want to style your cheap clip in human hair extensions by curling or straightening, avoid placing hot appliances on your hair extensions. If your hair extension is synthetic, do not use heated styling products.

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