Hair Care for Blonde Highlights

The care you give to your hair is important, and for blondes, more difficult and more noticeable.

take care of blonde hair


1 Pick a highlight color that has blue or gray under tones, such as an ash blonde. These colors prevent fading and the brassy appearance that yellow and orange based colors produce. It is also best to use highlight colors no lighter than three shades lighter than your natural color. This helps maintain the color and also prevents the need for a new highlight coloring every few weeks.

2 Wash your hair with a shampoo formulated for blonde and color treated hair. These shampoo formulas are designed to prevent brassiness from developing and also help keep the color attached to the hair to prevent fading over time. Try to find a formula with a built-in sunscreen, as sun damage causes the most problems and fading with blonde highlights.

3 Condition the hair every time you wash it with a regular shampoo conditioner. One designed for blonde hair will help fight brassiness. Once a week condition the hair with an additional conditioning gloss for blonde highlights or color-treated hair. This will add additional protection to the highlights and prevent fading.

4 Wear a hat or some other head covering to protect your highlights if you will be outdoors in the sun for extended periods. Sun exposure will cause blonde highlights to turn orange or obtain a yellow tint. Sometimes sun exposure will also cause highlights to fade. Covering the top of the head will prevent the sun exposure that can damage the hair.

5 Condition the hair several days in a row before visiting the salon for a new highlight job. When hair is clean and conditioned the dye sticks to the hair much better and smoother, producing a more natural highlighted look. Without this initial preparation the highlights may fade at a faster rate or stick unevenly to the hair.

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