Homemade Temporary Green Hair Dye

Green hair streaks are a fun way to temporarily color your hair for a party or a costume. Food coloring is great because it is temporary, inexpensive and easy to find. Although this project calls for green dye, you can easily use any color you want. Try adjusting the shade of green from light to dark by using more or less food coloring.

Dye Hair


1 Put on a pair of latex gloves before beginning to color your hair. Food coloring will not only color your hair, but your skin as well, so be sure that you are protecting your hands from the stains.

2 Empty the food coloring of your choice into an empty, cleaned shampoo bottle.

3 Pour your favorite shampoo into the bottle containing the food coloring. You will only need to have the bottle about ¼th of the way filled. Be sure not to use Prell shampoo. Prell is known for being able to remove normal hair color and will most likely remove food color as well.

4 Shake the bottle containing the shampoo and food coloring mixture. Add about 1 tablespoon of water to the mixture and shake again. You will want to shake the bottle for about two minutes. This is to ensure that that color is thoroughly mixed with the shampoo and water and that the color will go on your hair evenly.

5 Place an old towel around your neck and shoulders to protect your skin from the stain of the food coloring.

6 Pour the coloring mixture on your hair. Begin with the top of your hair and begin working the color into the roots of your hair.

7 Spread the color out to the rest of your hair and gently scrub the hair.

8 Let the color set on your hair for about 30 minutes. This will give the food coloring time to saturate the hair and for the color to set in. If you have dark hair, you will want to leave the color on longer. For darker hair, start by leaving the color on 15 additional minutes. You will want to take a wet wash cloth and clean one strand of hair to reveal if the color took to the hair. If it did not, leave the color on a little longer.

9 Shampoo your hair like normal and rinse until there are no traces of the dye mixture left and the water runs clear.

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