Short Hair Style

Short hair styles are easy to take care of on a day to day basis. Short hair can feel cooler in the summer. You might not feel like short hair is as versatile as long hair. You may even consider growing your hair out for an event like a prom or wedding.
With a little imagination and time, you can style your short hair for special occasions.


        Slick it back. One easy method for styling very short hair is to simply slick it back. This looks adds easy sophistication and absolutely no hassle. Dabble a generous amount of hair gel into your palm, rub your palms together and, starting at the hair closest your face, slick back through damp hair.

        Spike it up. This style will give you a little character and originality. Use a spiking gel, also called hair glue, to make your very short hair as upright as possible. Use a small amount of the hair glue rubbed between both palm and, starting at the back of the head, run your hands through your hair, pulling your hair upward between your fingers so it stands up straight.


Play it forward. Pulling all your hair forward, as if you were stuck backwards in a wind tunnel, can be a charming look. Distribute an even amount of hair gel between your two palms and, starting at the back of the head, pull your palms forward through your hair as close to the scalp as possible. Use a little extra gel on the hairline around your face, pulling the strands into cute little wisps to frame it.

Do the pixie. No one can deny the cuteness of the pixie look. Part damp hair down the side, over one eyebrow. Use a fine tooth comb dabbled in a very small amount of styling cream to comb the side of your head with less hair straight back. Use the same method to comb the side of your head with more hair towards your face. Stunning.

Add accessories. Even though you may not have much hair to hold, accessories will add a bright touch to any very short haircut. Use small, ornamental clips randomly around your head or to hold back a wisp of bangs. Tie a scarf behind your ears, with the ends dangling down at your nape, to serve as a headband.

Shave designs. If you are very bold and wanting to make a statement, you can shave designs into your head. You can pick one portion of the hair above your ears, the part at the back of your neck or anyplace you desire. Use a regular razor, the kind you usually use to shave your face or legs, and very gently razor off areas where you want your scalp to show through. Lines, squiggles or even letters can be designed into your haircut. For more elaborate designs, seek a professional stylist unless you are fully confident you can do it yourself without ending up looking like a freak.

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