How to Make Layered Hair Bounce

Layered hair bounces easily because it lightens the weight of the hair. According to Karen Marie Shelton of Hair Boutique, hair stylists lift the hair at different angles to achieve proper layering. A 45-degree angle forms a moderate layer, while a 90-degree cut all around the head is considered an all-over layered hair cut. The upper or first hair layers typically meet at the chin for medium or long hairstyles, then the other layer lengths are increased depending on the overall length of the hair. Layering helps with texture problems, such as fine hair or split ends, but long coarse hair benefits from all-over layering. Once your hair is cut into layers, it bounces with only a few steps.

Hairstyle and hair care


1 Bend your neck down so your hair flips in front of your face. This position gives you better access to your roots.

2 Hold your root-lifting spray 6 inches from the roots. Mist your roots with the spray. Rub your scalp gently with your free hand. This works the product into the roots.

3 Plug your hair dryer in and set the temperature to "cool." Put the blow-dryer on the lowest setting and turn it on. Hold the nozzle 6 to 8 inches away from your roots.

4 Brush your hair out from the roots to the ends with a medium round brush as you blow-dry. Start with the hair at the nape of the neck and work your way to the top layer of hair. Curl the brush underneath the hair and focus on drying the roots. Repeat with each section until the hair is completely dry.

5 Turn the blow-dryer off. Flip your head back up and brush your hair with the round brush. Keep the blow-dryer set to cool and on the lowest setting. Turn the blow-dryer back on. Run the blow-dryer over your hair once more. This sets your hair and helps maintain the bounce.

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