How to Do Finger Waves in Hair Curls

A finger wave hairstyle was popular in the 20s and 30s in America. The finger wave is styled by a hairdresser or at home, using the fingers to create curls or waves in the hair. The style was most popular before hair rollers and curling irons were invented. With the invention of these styling tools the finger wave hairstyle became outdated because it was time-consuming. However, if you do not have a curling iron or a hair roller, you can still give yourself a wavy hairstyle by using the finger wave technique.

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1 Wet the hair evenly.

2 Towel-dry the hair to remove excess water. The hair should not be dripping wet when you begin the finger waves. Your hair will need to be damp, though.

3 Squeeze a quarter-sized amount of medium-hold hair gel into your hands.

4 Rub your hands together so that your hands are coated with the gel.

5 Work your hands throughout all of the hair from root to tip.

6 Use a fine-tooth comb to comb the hair into the preferred part. Then, comb the hair straight down.

7 Choose a side to begin. Comb the hair down one inch from the part you created in the previous step.

8 Use your index and your middle finger of the hand not holding the comb to keep the hair below the comb in place. Drag the teeth of the comb an inch away from the hairline.

9 Move to the spot where you finished dragging the comb in the previous step and comb the hair down from the part one inch again. Use your fingers to hold the hair in place, and drag the comb just as you did before. This will mesh the hair directly into the last section you dragged with the comb.

10 Continue to do this until you have worked your way around your entire head. Remain on the opposite side from where you initially started to continue creating the finger waves.

11 Hold your middle and index fingers below the area that was dragged to the side to hold it in place.

12 Place the teeth of your comb below your fingers, and drag the comb in the opposite direction from what you did the first time around. This will allow you to work your way back to the first side. At this point, you will see a "C" shape in each section of hair.

13 Continue to work your way around the head and then begin the same process of going to the opposite side until you have completed the finger waves around the entire scalp. It is at this point that you will see "S"-shaped curls in your hairstyle.

14 Complete the look at the nape of the neck by simply combing the hair directly on the neck, if the hair is above shoulder length, or by wrapping it into a bun if the hair is longer.

15 Allow the hair to set under a heat lamp until it is dried completely, or allow it to air-dry. If you decide to let it air-dry, you may need to place hair-curl clips around the head to secure the finger waves in place.

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