How to Add Hair Extensions

What else can we do to the hair extensions ?

Start with a clean and conditioned head of hair. Sew-in weavesare usually left in for about 3 to 4 weeks.

Your scalp will accumulate oil, therefore you need to have as little product on the hair and scalp as possible. Cornrow your hair. Cornrows are braids that go straight to the back.

You can also try braiding the hair in a circle around the head. Either way, you will need to create several of them, because each braid will be used to hold a hair track or weft. If you are going for bangs with this look, braid the hair in a circular pattern Decide how wide you would like the hair pieces to be before you sew them in. They don't have to be the entire length of the braids themselves.

Take a needle and thread it, just like you would do if you were sewing an article of clothing. Take the hair track and place it on top of the braid as close to the scalp as possible. Use the needle and thread, and begin to sew the track lining onto the braid. Make sure the thread is the same color as your hair, and that the thread is firmly pulled. Continue to do this over the entire head. Once your done applying a track, cut the thread as close as possible to the top of the track lining.

Comb out the newly applied hair, and check for empty spaces. Check to see if the track lining is visible. If there is a thinness to your hair, apply another layer to that particular spot. You can do this by sewing another track onto one that you have already applied. Fullness is key.


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